Using Internet of Things (IoT) technology can help us better understand the health of bee hives in order to cater to the needs of bees more effectively. These days, IoT technology can allow us to monitor beehives with remote sensors as a way of keeping beekeepers updated on the status of the bees. When a hive is in trouble, beekeepers can be updated immediately in order to act quickly. There are even apps that connect to in-hive sensors that allow beekeepers to monitor the humidity and temperature of the hive in order to maintain a healthy bee environment.

Sound is another key factor in understanding the livelihood of bees. Researchers have been utilizing microphones to listen to the buzz of beehives, which indicates their health. In addition, electronic noses that can monitor smell are to be implemented that can pick up non-sharp odors that signal poor health in a hive.

All in all, these technological advancements provide a new way of monitoring the exact conditions of bees. If we want to save them, then understanding the signals that indicate good or bad health is a must.

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