Lab-grown meat has been getting a lot of attention these days, with multiple companies working on developing a type of meat that is sustainable, ethical and better for the planet. But what about lab-grown dairy? Well, it appears, there’s good news on that front too.

Enter Perfect Day Inc., a California-based start-up, which has managed to recreate the proteins found in good old cow’s milk, without using any animals to do so. The company developed a form of genetically modified microflora that produces both whey and casein – the major proteins found in cow’s milk. Perfect Day says their product is the exact same as the protein found in cow’s milk. Conventional milk is approximately 3.3 percent protein, of which 82 percent is casein and 18 percent is whey. The other main elements are water, fat, and carbohydrates.

The company suggests that its dairy protein is vegan and lactose-free while providing the same high-quality nutrition as conventional dairy protein. This could have significant appeal for consumers, who will be able to find the product on grocery shelves within a few years.