Whether you make your daily cup of coffee with a french press, a pour-over Chemex, or a classic coffee maker, you probably find yourself with a surplus of coffee grounds pretty often. While tossing them into the compost is a good zero-waste option, the best thing you can do with coffee grounds is use them in your garden. If you’re a home gardener, here are a couple of ways coffee grounds can benefit your garden.

Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and copper. That means that when you add them to your garden, they can help nourish and fertilize the soil with those elements and minerals. Just make sure to rinse your coffee grounds before adding them to the garden instead of taking them directly from the coffee maker. This way, you avoid making your garden too acidic. On top of that, avoid adding coffee grounds at random. Do some research to check which plants can benefit from coffee grounds and which can’t.

Another thing coffee grounds are good for is deterring pests. While gardeners have varying opinions on this, many have found that those animals are not fans of caffeine. So scattering grounds around the plant beds could keep them at bay. On the flip side, another garden “pest” is actually a big fan of coffee grounds — worms. Worms love eating coffee grounds, and their poop, known as vermicastings, actually enriches the soil.

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