Podcasts are revolutionizing the lifestyles of those who find themselves too busy commuting, cooking, or cleaning to sit down and read. From news or true-crime to short stories and history, there is a podcast for everyone. And now, research shows, listening to a podcast can be as beneficial for your brain as reading a book.

The study, from the Journal of Neuroscience, had subjects listen to and then read the same information while being hooked up to a brain mapping machine.  The resulting MRI maps of their brains showed stimulation of the same areas while listening, as while reading.

This study is important, not only for those with a packed schedule, but it also holds important implications for individuals who suffer from dyslexia, stroke, or other brain injuries that result in difficulty processing the written word. The MRI “mapping” also allows researchers to study these individuals’ brains more closely to understand their relationship with auditory versus visual learning.  So enjoy your latest podcast obsession, and feel great knowing your brain is getting woke!

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