Learning how to live within a budget is not always something we’re taught, especially in a culture that celebrates conspicuous consumption. That said, many of us have experienced living on a tight budget.  This may be forced upon us when we’re between jobs or hit with an unexpected major expense, but even when the money is flowing into our bank accounts, learning to live frugally can be a great way to save for future unknowables: exceptional vacations, kids’ higher education, the freedom to start a new company, or even early retirement.  And teaching the habit of being joyfully frugal is a great thing to pass on to our kids. Here are 5 great skills to teach your kids that will help them know how to live well with less:

  1. How to do laundry effectively
  2. How to save money at the grocery store
  3. How to cook for everyday life 
  4. How to ride a bike!  And use it for short hops around the neighborhood.
  5. How to find thrift-store treasures and how to shop secondhand

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