Today’s Solutions: October 22, 2021

Stress manifests itself differently in all of us. Some of us have stomach pains, others headaches. Or maybe your shoulders tense up when you’re under pressure. An office is a place of peak stress for many people, but simple mindfulness techniques can help you take stock of your stress levels and recalibrate to a place of calm and focus.

Taking five minutes from your day to day routine for a “desk-body scan” and short meditation practice will bring more awareness and mindfulness to your workday. Here are four steps to guide you through a simple desk meditation:

  1. Sit up straight with eyes open or closed. Imagine there is an invisible cord running from your tailbone to the top of your head.
  2. Mentally scan your feet, ankles, and legs. Do you notice any unusual sensations or places of tension?
  3. Continue your mental scan up your torso making note of areas of discomfort, and think of softening any areas of held anxiety. 
  4. Adapt this self-scan to work for yourself and your workplace. Maybe you do it when you first sit down in the morning or at lunch. 

As you practice this meditation, you will begin to learn where tension is in your body and can focus on areas where you hold stress. Even just 5 minutes of self-awareness can help your day go more smoothly. 

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