Today’s Solutions: October 22, 2021

While most interviewers act professionally and are quite pleasant throughout the hiring process, every now and then it may be that you encounter someone who’s rude, aggressive, or downright mean. Now, instead of letting this catch you off guard, it’s best to prepare for such potential scenarios, just as you would for every other part of the interview.

Rather than getting flustered and frustrated, the following tips and tricks are here help you stick to your game plan and land the job.

Keep calm, cool, and collected: In the case you’re encountering someone being rude or aggressive toward you, rather than fly off the handle, resist the urge by taking a quick breather to compose yourself. You’ve got to keep in mind that, sometimes, it may be the case that the rude comments are just a way of testing your ability to deal with difficult situations should they arise in the workplace.

Don’t take it personally: When someone is abrasive or rude, it’s helpful to remember that even the nicest people have bad days. Even if it feels like the hostility is directed toward you, chances are it’s not.

Engage them in conversation: A good strategy to cope with rude behavior is to use it as an opportunity to turn the conversation around. Asking the interviewer about themselves is likely to make them feel good, and it could quickly switch their attitude from negative to positive.

Don’t be afraid to walk away: Sometimes certain comments may cross a line or even make you feel threatened. In that case, you should do your best to remain polite and not be afraid to walk away.

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