Between the wide variety of cereal options and cleverly placed candy bars at check out, a quick trip to the grocery store can all too often run over 30 minutes and have countless impulse buys. If you have fallen victim to the inefficient shopping trip, you’re in luck! Jimin Song, a full-service shopper for grocery delivery service, InstaCart, has shared her best tips for making the most of your grocery shopping trip, which you can find below. 

  1. Review your entire shopping list before entering: Know what you need from what sections.
  2. If you need deli products, go there first: While they prepare your fish, you can grab essentials from the baking aisle.
  3. Grab heavy, bulky items first: This way they are at the bottom of your cart at checkout and don’t squish your eggs.
  4. Abandon your cart in the produce section:  Set your cart to the side to navigate your way to the crowded shelves with ease and speed.
  5. Assist the cashier: Helping with bagging makes the whole process go faster. Plus, you’ll know what is in each bag to make the unloading process quicker when you get home!

Grocery shopping can be a sluggish and time-wasting chore. Add kids and complex recipe ingredients, and it can be downright stressful. Following simple tricks and coming prepared can make the process smoother and quicker. Try out these tips on your grocery run this week and breeze through the aisles.

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