Using yoga to improve your flexibility: 5 key poses

Sitting at work, looking down at electronics, and driving every day all limit our flexibility. Chronic pain, stiffness, or reduced mobility are all ways your body may be telling you to work on flexibility. Fortunately, yoga is an incredibly restorative process with some of the most solid evidence for benefiting your flexibility. 

Yoga stretches all muscle groups and helps you use breathing to deepen your connection to your body. With regular practice, these five yoga poses will improve your flexibility and may even help you reduce stress and feel more connected to yourself and your surroundings.

  1. Low Lunge Side Bend: this simple stretch releases tension in the hip flexors and stretches the obliques, intercostals, and shoulders. 
  2. Silver Surfer: although a bit more challenging in the first pose, this one is great for stretching your shoulders.
  3. Reclining Spinal Twist Eagle Legs:  this is a restorative posture that you can hold for 5 to 10 breaths on each side, or even for a couple of minutes if it’s comfortable. It’s especially great for releasing tension in the back.
  4. Screaming Toe With Triceps Stretch: with this pose, you give your toes a big ol’ stretch. Improving flexibility in your feet has a ripple effect up your body—it can help protect the health of your knees, hips, and spine. 
  5. Grasshopper: while this is probably the most advanced pose in the list, this one will stretch your abs, hip flexors, quads, and lower back once you get the hang of it.

Access the full article below to learn more about how to execute these poses and how flexibility can positively impact your body. 


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