Today’s Solutions: January 18, 2022

More and more people feel they are living a fast-paced lifestyle dominated by work, with days flying by and spare time drying up. Too much of this lifestyle, however, and you heighten your risk of burning out. Luckily, we can combat this fast track to our demise by simply incorporating mindfulness into our day. With mindfulness, we slow down and maintain moment-to-moment awareness. Here are 5 ways to start practicing mindfulness every single day. Hint: it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Involve all of your senses into your morning routine: For example, you can easily engage all of your senses in the shower — simply smell the shampoo before you lather it into your hair or listen to the water as it hits the tub floor.

Plan breaks to check in with yourself: Studies find working for hours on end without breaks actually causes additional stress and exhaustion, so make sure to schedule short brain breaks throughout the day and focus on your body.

Leave your desk for lunch: Many people firmly believe that time is money, but this mindset leaves a vast majority of corporate employees eating lunch at their desks so that they can squeeze in more work. Not only is this concept counterproductive, but it’s also detrimental to your health. Even if you brought food, take a moment to see outside, focus on your meal and give your brain a break.

Go for a walk: Short walks aren’t just great for your physical health and sleep schedule; they actually can provide a great mindful moment in your day.

Create a bedtime routine: Sleep hygiene is important for our internal clock, but a regimented bedtime routine that involves all of our senses also serves as a great mindfulness practice to end your day. Plan a set schedule of 3-5 tasks that you complete in succession every night to help you wind down and (hopefully) catch some Z’s. 

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