Here is a neurologist-approved 10 day reset plan to reclaim your life

Have you ever tried a detox? Maybe you gave up TV for a month or sugar. This week we challenge you to try a “brain detox.” Created by neurologist David Perlmutter, this 10-day plan will help you reset your brain and set you on the path to reclaiming your life. 

Day 1: Digital detox. You don’t have to give up technology altogether, but take critical steps such as turning off non-essential notifications, putting your phone on airplane mode during important meetings and meals, delete unrewarding social media apps, and consider making “do not disturb” your default mode.

Day 2: Practicing empathy through gratitude. Keep a note pad or journal near your bed or in your purse. Take note of moments of gratitude, no matter how big or small.

Day 3: Nature Therapy. Spend at least 30 minutes in nature. Seek out a forest, open space, or even just a local park to take in the smells, sights, and sounds of nature. 

Day 4: Figuring out food. Take a good hard look at your kitchen and decide what items to toss or keep with your nutrition goals in mind. Consider tossing refined foods, processed sugars, alcohol, and chemically rich foods. Embrace whole sources of protein, healthy fats, probiotics, and delicious fruits and veggies.

Day 5: Successful shut-eye. 8 hours of good sleep has many wonderful benefits. Make your bedroom a quiet, dark, sanctuary, cut out caffeine after 2 pm, and relax before sleep with a warm bath or a great book. 

Day 6: Embracing exercise. Set an attainable starting point for fitness goals and make time to follow through with them. Consider a workout buddy or fun new class to motivate yourself.

Day 7: Medicate with Meditation. Meditation can be a challenge for many people. Start with a simple 12-minute mindfulness practice and up your time from there.

Day 8: Strong bonds. Humans are social creatures. Spending 10 minutes a day having a meaningful, unbroken conversation with a close friend, coworker, or family member will help you feel more connected to those around you and in touch with yourself.

Day 9: Taking stock. How is it going? Ask yourself what changes have been most meaningful for you and what aspects have been most challenging.

Day 10: Time to move forward. You made it! Positive life changes can be hard to implement all at once but making one small change per day makes the transition manageable. Create a framework plan for maintaining these changes beyond just 10 days, even if it means just adopting 2 or 3 to stick with long term.

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