7 simple and affordable ways you can practice self-care

Self-care doesn’t need to be elaborate – or expensive. In fact, some simple and affordable forms of self-care can go a long way when you’re looking for something to do that will make you feel better. Here are seven ways to take a calming moment to yourself, any time, any day:

  1. Start a tea-sipping ritual. Brewing and enjoying a cup of your favorite tea can have a very calming effect on your general state of mind. Find a quiet and comfortable place to enjoy your tea. Drink it slowly, watching the steam rise off the surface, letting it warm your face. Smell its mild aroma and savor it mindfully.
  2. Have yourself an aromatherapy moment. Aside from smelling great, essential oils can do wonders for your body. Some have relaxing and stress-relieving properties, while others can have a more energizing impact. Whether you place a few drops in your diffuser or apply your favorite oil blend topically, essential oils give us an opportunity to enjoy the simple luxury of a lovely scent, on top of the other benefits they can provide
  3. Press an acupressure point. While acupuncture typically uses needles to help relieve everything from stress and anxiousness to chronic pain and immune health, acupressure is a more accessible practice that uses pressure from fingertips to facilitate healing in the body. Get started by pressing the Yintang point, underneath your third eye, where the bridge of your nose meets your forehead. Stroke it gently with your index and middle finger to promote calm during stressful moments.
  4. Take a sound bath using nature noises. Listening attentively to nature sounds can elicit relaxation and a sense of calm. You can easily find recordings of sound baths online. Listen to the sounds for however long you need to feel like you cared for yourself and are more relaxed than you were before.
  5. Try breathwork exercise. Whether you need to calm down or wake up, breathwork is a powerful way to influence the state of your body at any moment. There are dozens of techniques to try, but you could start by practicing alternate nostril breathing. It balances the masculine and feminine energy within your body and helps you achieve a state of calm relaxation.
  6. Take an EFT (aka tapping) break. Similar to acupressure, the Emotional Freedom Technique, or tapping, involves repeatedly tapping certain points on the body while saying specific phrases. The idea is to physically and mentally release stagnant energy. Check out this primer from mindbodygreen for a stress-busting tapping sequence.
  7. Treat yourself to a mindful walk. And when all else fails, walking can be a really great way to find some peace. You get your body moving, you can enjoy nature and all its sounds, and walking itself is known to have tons of health benefits. And to connect even further with nature, you can try walking barefoot – a practice also known as “earthing”.

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