Today’s Solutions: October 19, 2021

We’ve written before about how spending time naked can improve your body image, and it’s well known that regular exercise also improves self-esteem and how you view your body (among other benefits). So why not combine the two for even better results?

Working out in your birthday suit has a range of mental health benefits, plus it’s cheaper and more sustainable than constantly trying to keep up with all the latest fitness wear trends.

Potential benefits of working out naked

Working out in the nude may help you feel more comfortable with your own body and encourage feelings of self-love and acceptance.

According to this research review, people who spent time naked felt better about their bodies than those who avoided taking their clothes off. People who practice nudism in general report higher self-esteem and happiness as well.

Body acceptance

Hanging out with other naked people may help you accept your own body on a more significant level. This is likely because when others around you aren’t hiding any imperfections, you get to realize that no one is “perfect,” so there’s no pressure for you to be either.

This small study found that people’s body appreciation was boosted after being around other naked people, which researchers attribute to reduced social physique anxiety.

Correct form

Loose-fitting clothes obscure your view from what your body’s really doing while you work out. Tight clothes let you see more of what’s going on, but exercising naked allows you to check your actual muscle activity more accurately. Plus, working out in the nude lets you see results happening in real-time, which can keep you motivated.

Feel free

The next time you have a clothed exercise session, pay attention to how much you adjust your clothing while working out. Clothes, especially when you’re constantly in motion and probably sweaty, can be uncomfortable and restrictive. Let go of these extra distractions and let your body parts go where they need to go by stripping down.

Save money

Workout gear can be expensive, so skipping out on that extra cost will undoubtedly save you some cash. Another positive is that there’ll be less laundry for you to do, which means less water wasted as well.

How to work out naked

The pandemic has brought on the era of home workouts, so you can start off slow by practicing your usual exercises, but naked, in the comfort and privacy of your own home. If you want to dive right into it, you can look up naked group fitness classes on your preferred search engine, and something is bound to come up.

An in-between alternative is to do a live online fitness class in the nude, but you should make sure to check that your camera is off.

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