Today’s Solutions: November 30, 2023

We typically highlight the importance of physical strength training in the domain of well-being, but what about our brain? Jim Kwik, author of Limitless: Upgrade Your Brain, Learn Anything Faster, and Unlock Your Exceptional Life, and renowned memory coach, emphasizes this analogy, saying, “Our memory is like a muscle… We use it, or we lose it.” Read on to learn about simple exercises that will boost brain capacity and stimulate memory.

Neurobics 101: small yet significant changes

Kwik promotes “neurobics,” which he compares to aerobics for neurons, and emphasizes short, time-efficient exercises in safe conditions. These activities are intended to stimulate the brain without taking up too much time. Let’s take a look at Kwik’s skilled brain workouts.

Navigate without a GPS: follow your brain

The first advice from Kwik includes a shift away from dependency on technology. He recommends turning off your GPS when walking or driving and depending purely on recollection to get to your destination. Kwik’s goal is to restore trust in mental abilities: “I just want people to trust their brain again… [activating] that part of my brain that might be a little bit sedated.”

A mindful twist: using your non-dominant hand

The second neurobic exercise involves performing routine chores with your non-dominant hand, such as brushing your teeth or eating. Kwik goes on to say, “When you brush your teeth with the opposite hand, it activates a different part of your brain.” This technique forces awareness, shifting emphasis to the present moment, in addition to improving brainpower.

From passive activity to engaging exercise

The final recommendation from Kwik is to turn passive tasks into attentive exercises. Immerse yourself in a character’s point of view while watching TV. “What would you have done in their situation?” ask yourself. “What can you glean from the journey of this character?” Kwik emphasizes the advantages of applying this to fiction, such as increasing emotional quotient and developing empathy.

Strengthening your brain, one neurobic at a time

Jim Kwik’s neurobic exercises provide accessible and effective strategies for building a stronger, more nimble brain. These activities are designed to strengthen your brain muscles, whether you’re navigating without GPS, using the opposite hand, or watching TV mindfully. So, start your neurobic journey today—every simple change has the potential to improve memory and cognitive prowess.

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