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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Bioplastic inspired by spider

Bioplastic inspired by spider silk could replace single-use plastics

One of the most difficult-to-recycle types of plastic is the ‘microcapsule’ — a form of microplastic that’s added to the ingredients of many homecare and bodycare products. These tiny capsules then wash down the drain, where they pollute waterways because they’re so hard to detect. In an Read More...

Why passenger planes may soon

Why passenger planes may soon fly in formation just like birds

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Soon, it may be hard to tell, as giant aerospace company Airbus has recently come up with a method to save jet fuel that involves having airplanes fly in formation, just like a flock of migrating geese. Inspired by the flight technique of migrating birds, researchers Read More...

These hummingbird-like drones

These hummingbird-like drones could eventually be used to save lives

Although birds have been inspiring drones for years, the agility of the hummingbird is one that researchers have been struggling to emulate. But now researchers at Purdue University have managed to capture the swift movements of the hummingbird, building a hummingbird-like drone that flies Read More...