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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Ocean waves breaking into cliff

This is the world’s first ocean carbon-removing machine

Cutting greenhouse gas emissions at the source should be the main goal when tackling climate change, but the most recent IPCC report also recommends carbon capture and storage technologies as key parts of the effort to limit global warming to 1.5°C. The startup Heimdal is well aware of the need Read More...

Factory with polluting emissions with ocean in the background

New technology uses seawater to remove carbon from the atmosphere

The ocean absorbs about a third of the CO2 that humans create when burning fossil fuels. While that’s good news for the air, capturing so much extra carbon dioxide makes ocean waters more acidic, harming marine life. Enter Ebb Carbon, a startup that wants to reinforce the ocean’s ability to Read More...

This startup is spreading crus

This startup is spreading crushed rock in forests to tackle climate change

Increased urgency to reduce atmospheric greenhouse gases has led to a rise in the number of reforestation projects aimed at cutting carbon emissions while greening up our planet. However, with limited land available to restore forests, these projects alone won’t be sufficient to pull excess CO2 Read More...

NEGATIVE: Direct Air Carbon ca

NEGATIVE: Direct Air Carbon capture bracelet - a climate solution in your hand

We recently featured a cool Kickstarter campaign that was raising funds to streamline production on “SEADPODS” - recycled plastic planters that can be hung on chainlink fences to greenify urban spaces. We love these kinds of innovative ideas, blending commerce and social or environmental Read More...