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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024
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The electric vehicle market no

The electric vehicle market now has more options than ever for prospective buyers

While it may seem daunting to invest in an electric car, it's never been easier to find an EV that fits your needs and the needs of the planet, as more and more automakers come out with new clean models. We shared a story a couple of weeks ago about how Volkswagen is releasing an electric Read More...

An electric Ford truck just sh

An electric Ford truck just showed it can tow over a million pounds

If we want to spur a transition to electric vehicles en masse, then the rabid pickup truck lovers of the world will need to be convinced about the power of EVs. Ford is on a mission to do just that. In an impressive demonstration of torque, Ford recently had an electric F-150 prototype tow 10 Read More...

This Dutchman drove his electr

This Dutchman drove his electric car from Amsterdam to Sydney

In an attempt to prove to the world that electric cars are perfectly feasible transportation, Dutchman Wiebe Wakker set out on a three-year, 59,000-mile journey from Amsterdam to Sydney, Australia back in 2016. This past week, the “world’s largest electric car trip” came to a close after Read More...

A Swiss startup claims to have

A Swiss startup claims to have made a battery with more than 600 miles of range

City dwellers tend to make up the great proportion of electric car buyers, but if the range of EVs were to improve, those of us living in more rural areas would be more tempted to buy one. The good news is a Swiss startup by the name of Innolith says it has developed new high-density lithium-ion Read More...

Toyota is offering royalty-fre

Toyota is offering royalty-free access to 24,000 patents related to EVs

In a move rarely seen by major corporations, Toyota has announced it will allow royalty-free access to its nearly 24,000 patents for hybrid and other vehicles using electrification technology in a bid to expand competition in the market as the industry adopts stricter emissions regulations. Read More...

Volkswagen’s electric self-d

Volkswagen’s electric self-driving cars are hitting the streets of Hamburg

Anyone who truly cares about the environment probably shudders a little at the mention of Volkswagen. Nonetheless, Volkswagen has a goal of making automated driving a practical reality by 2025, and is hustling to make that happen. The German Automaker is now testing self-driving versions of its Read More...

A battery-swapping scheme is e

A battery-swapping scheme is electrifying rickshaws in India

In India, where fewer than four million cars are sold annually, auto rickshaws (called tuk-tuks in other Asian countries) are one of the dominant modes of transportation. As India attempts to clean up the country’s troublesome air pollution, some manufacturers are now, for the first time, Read More...