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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Virgin Hyperloop completes fir

Virgin Hyperloop completes first test run with passengers aboard

The promise of hyperloop travel is that it will allow humans to cut down travel time dramatically by using magnetically levitating pods to propel people through near-vacuum tubes. These pods are designed to eventually hit speeds of around 745 mph, which would make it possible to travel from Los Read More...

The world’s first hyperloop

The world’s first hyperloop system could soon be built in India

As it stands now, it seems Virgin will build the world’s first large-scale hyperloop system in India. Earlier this month, the government of the Indian state of Maharashtra approved Virgin Hyperloop One’s plans to develop a high-speed line between Mumbai and Pune. The planned hyperloop line Read More...

Here’s what the hyperloop sy

Here’s what the hyperloop systems of the future might look like in urban areas

We've seen a lot of technical exploration around how a hyperloop system might one-day fling humans and goods across the Earth at the speed of sound inside low-vacuum tubes but not much about the structural elements that would hold everything in place. That’s why startup HyperloopTT has teamed up Read More...

New council to help hyperloop

New council to help hyperloop and self-driving car projects cut though red tape

While transportation projects such as hyper loops and self-driving cars could hold the key to more efficient means of transportation, bureaucratic structures can hinder progress and slow the development of these projects. For that reason, the Secretary of Transportation has announced a council Read More...

This study proves why building

This study proves why building a hyperloop in America’s heartland is a good idea

Building a hyperloop route from Kansas City to St. Louis would be well worth the effort, according to a new study. Researchers examined the engineering, viability and economic challenges of a proposed line running parallel to the I-70, and they found that it would not only cut the journey between Read More...

Introducing the very first Hyp

Introducing the very first Hyperloop passenger capsule

The Hyperloop has long been a distant concept, but now we’ve just gotten a first glimpse of what a passenger ‘capsule’ of the Hyperloop will actually look like. Resembling high-speed trains found in Europe and Japan, the Hyperloop capsule is around 100 feet long, is able to transport up to 40 Read More...