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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Shark barrier protects swimmer

Shark barrier protects swimmers from attacks in an animal-friendly way

Shark nets are often used to protect swimmers and surfers from shark attacks, but often they not only fail to do their job but also pose a deadly threat to marine life. In a bid to come up with a safer and more effective alternative, a team of scientists in South Africa has developed an Read More...

Marine biologists capture rare

Marine biologists capture rare audio of narwhal buzzes, clicks, and whistles

Narwhals, the so-called unicorns of the sea, may be among the most recognizable marine animals, but they are also notoriously difficult to study due to their skittish nature and uncongenial habits. These characteristics, plus the fact that they live in one of the noisiest environments in the ocean, Read More...

Endangered young baby turtles in warm evening sunlight being released at a beach in Sri Lanka, fighting their way towards the ocean.

Critically endangered turtles hatch undisturbed on people-free beaches

At the start of each April, people on the northeastern shorelines of Brazil can witness the critically-endangered hawksbill sea turtles emerge from their eggs and make their first steps into the waters of the Atlantic. But as people have been advised to stay indoors to slow the spread of the Read More...