Today’s Solutions: July 24, 2024

elderly couple (Asian man and Black man) engage in an intimate conversation

5 reasons that secrets sour relationships & how to break the secret-keeping cycle

According to a 2018 study, published in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, people on average keep around 13 secrets at a time, five of which have never been revealed to anyone. It’s worth mentioning that individuals should maintain their right to privacy, even within Read More...

two pairs of feet in bed under covers

This online sex shop serves people living with and beyond cancer

Being diagnosed with, receiving treatment for, and surviving cancer are all incredibly impactful experiences that affect all areas of a person’s life—including sex. Many people aren’t comfortable bringing up these two sensitive subjects in casual conversation, much less at the same time, but Read More...

How to build a more meaningful

How to build a more meaningful relationship with your better half

Gifts and extravagant gestures are a common way of expressing your love towards your significant other, but showing them you really understand their plights and emotions is the greatest way to deepen your relationship. Though you may think that the capacity of empathy is difficult to attain, the Read More...