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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

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Is journaling not your thing? Here are 3 alternatives

Cultivating a journaling habit has been proven to help deal with stressful times, boost creativity, and improve mental health in general. That said, some people just aren’t a fan of journaling—or, an individual’s appetite for journaling may change throughout their lives; perhaps as a child Read More...

man in blue button up sings into a microphone while three friends dance behind him

How singing improves your mental health (regardless of whether you're in key)

Singing can be an intimidating experience, especially for those who don’t consider themselves very good singers, however, many won’t deny that when they do let loose and belt out a catchy song in the privacy of their car or shower, they feel a delicious release. While feeling shy or Read More...

For low-income kids, thrift sh

For low-income kids, thrift shopping is a powerful tool for self-expression

Thrift shopping is regaining popularity among hipsters on the search for a one off piece or those taking a stand against the environmental impact of fast fashion. These unassuming second-hand stores can be treasure-troves for collectors and creative shoppers alike. For low-income kids, they can Read More...