Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024

AI model discovers powerful an

AI model discovers powerful antibiotic that knocks down superbugs

Bacteria are increasingly developing ways of resisting antibiotics, putting the future of global public health under serious threat. Now, using artificial intelligence, researchers have discovered a powerful new antibiotic that kills some of the most dangerous superbugs in the world. To find the Read More...

Anti-microbial wrap repels eve

Anti-microbial wrap repels everything it comes in contact with, including superbugs

As the world is facing a crisis of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, it’s essential that we develop novel technologies that help us eliminate this urgent global health problem. With that in mind, academics from McMaster University, Canada, have developed a revolutionary self-cleaning plastic wrap Read More...

America’s #1 poultry produce

America’s #1 poultry producer renounces antibiotics

Superbugs have become a major public health hazard in America. Scientific research has conclusively shown that they are caused by the routine sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics by the meat industry. Early March, food giant McDonald’s, one of the largest buyers of chicken in America, announced it Read More...