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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

British countryside

Landowner pact promises to boost rewilding efforts across the UK

Some of the UK’s biggest landowners have decided to come together to restore peat bogs, woodlands, rivers, and other natural habitats that need rewilding on their land. The National Trust, National Parks England, and Duchy of Cornwall are just a few of the organizations that have pledged to Read More...

The National Trust to adopt &#

The National Trust to adopt "siestas" due to rising temperatures

As the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report indicates, there is a lot that we have to do to reduce our impact on the planet if we want it to continue to be a suitable place for humans to live, however, even if we do enough to prevent the worst from happening, we will still have Read More...

English moorland sees first be

English moorland sees first beaver dam after more than 400 years

A beaver reintroduction project in Exmoor, West England, has recently bore its first fruits: a group of beavers that were introduced not long ago have built the first dam in the area in more than 400 years. The semi-aquatic rodents were released into the wild in Somerset earlier this year as part Read More...