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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

From plastic waste to sustaina

From plastic waste to sustainable soap! An up-cycling innovation for a cleaner planet

Plastics and soaps may appear to be worlds apart, yet they share a molecular resemblance that could revolutionize the future of recycling. Virginia Tech researchers are at the vanguard of this creative discovery, having pioneered a method to upcycle plastics into valuable surfactants—key Read More...

Two starfish on sea beach at sunset.

How starfish skeletons inspired ceramic engineers

Some species of starfish fortify themselves using a porous skeleton that is both lightweight and extremely sturdy. This provides the marine species with a safe protective home, while still permitting a degree of flexibility to their body and arms. Taking inspiration from mother nature Ceramic Read More...

Falling ice cube, isolated on white background.

Levitating ice leads to deeper understanding of energy

Believe it or not, scientists have been levitating water since the 18th century. The Leidenfrost effect was first described in 1751 by a German doctor and theologian, who named the phenomenon after himself. Using a high temperature plate of 150˚C, he observed that a water droplet could be made to Read More...

Researchers have developed a t

Researchers have developed a toxin-free antiperspirant

Natural deodorants do not contain aluminum and other harmful ingredients, but unfortunately, they do little to prevent sweating as these harsh ingredients are what contribute to traditional deodorant’s antiperspirant qualities.  Fortunately, researchers from the Virginia Tech Nature-Inspired Read More...