Conservation | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 52
Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024


Nature relies on a rich diversity of organisms to keep it in balance. Conservation plays a key role in ensuring that environmental equilibrium is preserved. Learn about the solutions spearheading our efforts to promote biodiversity, safeguard vital ecosystems, and protect endangered species.

Two conservationists create a

Two conservationists create a “Google Translate” for endangered elephants

It’s known that elephants are highly intelligent and social creatures, and scientists have spent years trying to understand how these magnificent beings communicate. However, scientific publications have proven insufficient in cataloging the constant stream of new discoveries being made about Read More...

China announces that the giant

China announces that the giant panda is no longer classified as “endangered”

Great news for giant pandas! Chinese wildlife officials have moved the iconic bears from the “endangered” classification to “vulnerable.” Although the bears are not out of the woods yet, the wild population has reached 1,800, making a significant milestone in conservation efforts. The Read More...

Birdwatchers in Singapore awes

Birdwatchers in Singapore awestruck by sighting of once extinct bird

Bird enthusiasts, rejoice! A rare sighting of the once extinct green broadbill bird in Singapore has created a stir among bird watchers, who have flocked to the offshore isle of Pulau Ubin to see the emerald green creature. The bird, which gets its name for its highlighter-green plumage, was Read More...

In a world first, a herd of el

In a world first, a herd of elephants is going from the UK back to the wild

For the first time ever, a herd of elephants will be released from a zoo back into the wild to provide a healthy living space for the animals and rewild part of their native habitat. The 13 elephants in question will travel from Howletts Wild Animal Park in Kent, southern England to a wild space in Read More...

Tadpoles bred in Nashville cou

Tadpoles bred in Nashville could help save endangered Puerto Rico toad

The Puerto Rican crested toad is the only toad native to Puerto Rico and, in recent years, the endangered species’ population numbers have been decreasing. Currently, there are only an estimated 1,000 to 3,000 amphibians left in the wild in the Guanica State Forest in the southwest part of the Read More...

Founder of Lululemon drops $3.

Founder of Lululemon drops $3.2 million to protect Canadian islands

Chip Wilson, founder and former CEO of the popular athletic apparel brand Lululemon, just spent $3.2 million to purchase Saturnina, a small Canadian island, and to help preserve two other islands in the Salish Sea to protect them from becoming real estate property for private homes. The three Read More...

The Bison Bridge – World

The Bison Bridge - World's longest human-made wildlife crossing

Chad Pregracke is an impassioned conservationist who spends his time on barges, cleaning up refuse from the Mississippi River. While on the river, he watches cars drive across a 55-year-old concrete bridge that is meant to be demolished and replaced—but when he sees the aging bridge, he imagines Read More...

Rare yellow penguin is mystify

Rare yellow penguin is mystifying biologists

In December 2019, Belgian wildlife photographer Yves Adams had an exceptional stroke of luck while on a remote island in South Georgia. Adams was leading a two-month photography expedition through the South Atlantic and had decided to stop on a South Georgia beach. It was then that he caught Read More...

Teachers and students plant trees in India during pandemic

Indians recently planted 250 million trees—while socially distancing

India is committed to keeping a third of its total land area under forest and tree cover. In recent years the country has mobilized millions of people to plant tree saplings across the country, and plans were in place to do the same in the state of Uttar Pradesh on July 5th. The mass-planting Read More...

Ikea bee home.

Forget dressers, IKEA wants you to build a bee house

The task of building IKEA furniture has been challenging newlyweds and college students for years. In 2020, the company started offering a new challenge to customers: building bee habitats. IKEA’s research and design lab, SPACE10, has partnered with European design studio Bakken & Bæck, Read More...