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Today’s Solutions: June 22, 2024


From tackling marine plastic pollution to coral reef restoration, learn about humanity’s latest efforts to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife.

Orcas are smashing boats. Rese

Orcas are smashing boats. Researchers finally think they know the truth behind this trend

For four years, orcas have been ramming and sinking luxury yachts in European waters, perplexing scientists. These intelligent, gregarious creatures have demonstrated a new, destructive behavior that has confused scientists and boat owners alike. However, current research suggests an unexpected Read More...

Why do fish swim in schools?

Why do fish swim in schools? New study reveals unexpected benefits

BY THE OPTIMIST DAILY EDITORIAL STAFF Schools of fish moving in synchrony have long captivated those lucky enough to observe this phenomenon, often appearing as a single, synchronized organism. A recent study provides insight into one of the primary advantages of this behavior: swimming in Read More...

Big Oil to pay for climate ch

Big Oil to pay for climate change damages in Vermont

Vermont became the first state in the United States to enact legislation mandating fossil fuel companies to pay for climate change-related losses. This unprecedented legislation comes after a string of disastrous weather disasters, including severe floods last summer, that wreaked havoc on the Read More...

4 tips for everyday eco-friend

4 tips for everyday eco-friendly living

In the face of climate change, many people question the importance of individual actions in ensuring a sustainable future. While institutional change is necessary, environmentalist and author Heather White emphasizes the importance of individual choices. White states that "Individual action drives Read More...

Scientists document the secret

Scientists document the secret language of sperm whales

Sperm whales, the majestic titans of the ocean, have long captivated researchers with their complex vocalizations. Recent research revealed a stunning discovery: these marine creatures have a sophisticated communication system, similar to a "phonetic alphabet."  Cracking the code: an in-depth Read More...

Mackerel and snapper recover a

Mackerel and snapper recover as overfishing reaches all-time low

The most recent statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provide promising news for marine conservationists and seafood fans alike: the number of fish species on the US government's overfishing list has reached a new low, indicating the health of American Read More...

The rise of renewable energy:

The rise of renewable energy: a tipping point in global electricity sources 

Renewable energy surpassed 30 percent of the global electricity supply for the first time, marking a milestone in the planet's energy shift. This spike in clean electricity, mostly from wind and solar power, represents a watershed point in the move to sustainable energy options. The ongoing Read More...

New smartphone game FathomVers

New smartphone game FathomVerse reveals the ocean's hidden depths

Prepare to dive into the depths of the ocean with FathomVerse, a groundbreaking smartphone game that blurs the barriers between gaming and scientific inquiry. FathomVerse, which was released on May 1st and is accessible on the App Store and Google Play, provides users with a unique opportunity to Read More...

The case for taxing big fossil

The case for taxing big fossil fuel firms: a solution for funding climate resilience 

A fresh report argues that imposing a tax on fossil fuel firms operating in the wealthiest countries may dramatically boost climate finance, delivering much-needed assistance to countries dealing with the effects of the climate catastrophe. The plan, presented in the Climate Damages Tax study, Read More...

EU parliament passes sweeping

EU parliament passes sweeping measures to combat the growing problem of packaging waste

In a historic attempt to address the growing problem of packaging waste, the European Parliament has approved a comprehensive set of legislation aimed at reducing environmental damage and supporting sustainable practices. The Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), which includes binding Read More...