Climate Action | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 2
Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024

Climate Action

What is Climate Action? Climate Action is humanity's efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and enhance our planet's resilience against climate change. From adaptation to mitigation, at The Optimist Daily you will learn about the most recent positive news stories and solutions targeting climate change and other environmental issues.

4 tips for everyday eco-friend

4 tips for everyday eco-friendly living

In the face of climate change, many people question the importance of individual actions in ensuring a sustainable future. While institutional change is necessary, environmentalist and author Heather White emphasizes the importance of individual choices. White states that "Individual action drives Read More...

How switching out timber for h

How switching out timber for hemp can revamp sustainable low-carbon construction 

In the search for sustainable building materials, hemp appears as a strong candidate, providing numerous environmental benefits. Similar to timber, hemp is a biogenic material, cultivated from plants. What distinguishes hemp is its amazing growth rate, which can reach up to four meters in four Read More...

Recycling lightbulbs for a gre

Recycling lightbulbs for a greener world and a brighter future

Recycling lightbulbs is more than just an environmentally sound choice; it is an essential step toward a cleaner, greener planet. Learn how to recycle various types of lightbulbs and why it is so important for our environment and future generations. How to recycle lightbulbs: a guide for Read More...

The mysterious intelligence of

The mysterious intelligence of butterflies 

In the vast field of cognitive science, insects are frequently pushed to the periphery, judged to be too tiny and seemingly simplistic to possess significant intelligence. However, new research undermines this view, shedding light on butterflies' amazing cognitive capacities. The University of Read More...

Solutions are brewing! Recycle

Solutions are brewing! Recycled beer yeast surprising solution for water pollution

Breweries are well-known for producing wonderful beer, but what if their waste could also be used to combat water pollution? Recent MIT research reveals an innovative way in which recycled beer yeast can help remove hazardous lead from water, providing a sustainable and cost-effective Read More...

Volcanic ash may be a game cha

Volcanic ash may be a game changer in sustainable solar energy storage solutions

When calamity hits and volcanic ash blankets the land, it is commonly perceived negatively, for many obvious reasons. However, novel research from the University of Barcelona demonstrates that this seemingly gloomy substance has enormous promise as an energy storage medium, providing a Read More...

Scientists use machine learnin

Scientists use machine learning to begin understanding complex orangutan communication

Tropical field and behavioral ecologist Wendy Erb explores the world of orangutans in Borneo's lush, emerald tropical peatland woods. Her mission? To comprehend the language of these amazing creatures, particularly how male Bornean orangutans (Pongo pygmaeus wurmbii) communicate— a quest fraught Read More...

Boosting solar power: reflecto

Boosting solar power: reflectors under panels increase efficiency 

Researchers at the University of Ottawa, in partnership with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), announced a ground-breaking innovation to improve solar panel efficiency. By incorporating reflective surfaces beneath solar panels, the researchers increased energy output by an impressive Read More...

Scientists document the secret

Scientists document the secret language of sperm whales

Sperm whales, the majestic titans of the ocean, have long captivated researchers with their complex vocalizations. Recent research revealed a stunning discovery: these marine creatures have a sophisticated communication system, similar to a "phonetic alphabet."  Cracking the code: an in-depth Read More...

Mackerel and snapper recover a

Mackerel and snapper recover as overfishing reaches all-time low

The most recent statistics from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) provide promising news for marine conservationists and seafood fans alike: the number of fish species on the US government's overfishing list has reached a new low, indicating the health of American Read More...