Oceans | The Optimist Daily: Making Solutions the News - Part 27
Today’s Solutions: July 12, 2024


From tackling marine plastic pollution to coral reef restoration, learn about humanity’s latest efforts to protect ocean habitats and marine wildlife.

Scientists observe coral and a

Scientists observe coral and algae phenomenon for the first time

Coral and algae have a very special relationship. Coral provides algae with shelter while algae give coral energy and its signature colors. Despite the critical nature of this relationship, scientists had never witnessed the moment in which coral cells envelop single-cell algae. That is until Read More...

IMO moves to make shipping com

IMO moves to make shipping companies pay a price for emissions

As the volume of goods traded across the world continues to increase, emissions from container ships are becoming a more prevalent source of pollution. In an effort to transition to industry towards a greener future, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) has proposed a regulation that would Read More...

Can this robotic fish save the

Can this robotic fish save the seas?

From food to fashion, consumers, especially millennials and Gen Z-ers, are leaning towards companies that practice green methods of manufacturing their products and transparency, which is a great thing—but it also leads to lots of greenwashing. How can we confirm that companies follow through Read More...

World’s first underwater far

World’s first underwater farm is growing fruits and veggies once again

While floating farms are already an indication of how agriculture might look like in the future, underwater farms are just getting started. With that said, their prospects to increase food security across the world look promising. Just recently, the world’s first underwater farm started producing Read More...

This is how lobsters are helpi

This is how lobsters are helping make 3D-printed concrete stronger

In recent years, 3D concrete printing has emerged as an attractive candidate to reimagine the construction industry — one of the biggest sources of environmental pollution in the world. But making concrete durable enough for building complex structures is still an obstacle. Seeking to overcome Read More...

Top down interceptor of rubbish extractor at Sungai Klang.

These solar-powered barges can scoop up 50 tons of plastic from rivers each day

While removing the plastic waste that currently contaminates the ocean today will be crucial for protecting marine ecosystems, it is arguably more important that we stop any more plastic trash from entering the ocean. Fortunately for humanity, The Ocean Cleanup, a nonprofit taking on plastic waste Read More...

Image of dumbo octopus discovered in the depths of the Indian Ocean.

Scientists may have found a new species of octopus 4 miles below the surface

The deepest depths of our oceans are some of the most mysterious places on the planet. Little is known about the expansive seafloor, but scientists are constantly finding out more about bottom dwellers that inhabit this environment. More than four miles under the Indian Ocean, scientists managed Read More...

Endangered young baby turtles in warm evening sunlight being released at a beach in Sri Lanka, fighting their way towards the ocean.

Critically endangered turtles hatch undisturbed on people-free beaches

At the start of each April, people on the northeastern shorelines of Brazil can witness the critically-endangered hawksbill sea turtles emerge from their eggs and make their first steps into the waters of the Atlantic. But as people have been advised to stay indoors to slow the spread of the Read More...

Study suggests quick action co

Study suggests quick action could successfully restore oceans by 2050

A global team of researchers recently published an article in the scientific journal Nature detailing the state of our ocean's health, and unlike most projections of the ocean’s future health, this paper cautiously explains that we can successfully restore the ocean by 2050—if we act fast. Read More...