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Physicist and philosopher Danah Zohar predicts that insight into the Zero Point Field could lead to a quantum leap in consciousness.

| November 2003 issue
In her book ‘The Quantum Society’, the American physicist and philosopher Danah Zohar concludes that the problems facing our society are in fact aspects of a more fundamental problem: ‘Our problems stem from an underlying spiritual crisis that has almost the whole of Western society in its grip. Not only have we abandoned our blind faith in ancient gods and traditional religions, but we have also lost our sense of what it is like to be human. We have become estranged from the deep roots of our humanity. Consequently, we have lost touch with the source of our own strength as individuals and as moral persons. We no longer know what gives us the authority to act.’
But Zohar is optimistic: ‘Perhaps we are standing on the brink of a more mature phase in the evolution of our consciousness. New scientific discoveries make us aware of our responsibilities. These are the sobering implications of the new pact we make with nature on the basis of the quantum worldview. It is a radical change of mentality with regard to the old attitude of: “Hurrah, we are at the top of the ladder of creation”. In the new quantum worldview we are merely a part of the whole of creation and all its processes. We shall only succeed in the long term if we act in constant dialogue with our environment. We are not the great final chord in creation, but humble servants in a play that needs us in order to develop. We are called upon to enter into this adult phase.’
Zohar sees it as her task to make people aware of the far-reaching effects quantum physics has on our everyday lives. In ‘The Quantum Self’ she writes: ‘If we realise that the physiology of the human consciousness flows from quantum processes in the brain, then this means that our consciousness is inextricably linked with absolutely everything in the universe. The quantum world image overrides the traditional dichotomy between body and mind, between inner and outer. It shows us that the building blocks of the mind and the building blocks of matter originate in a common quantum field.’
For more information see: Danah Zohar: ‘The Quantum Self’ (Bloomsbury Publishing, 1990), and ‘The Quantum Society’ (Bloomsbury Publishing, 1993),

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