Today’s Solutions: February 03, 2023

Because most clothing stores carry few, if any, clothes produced in socially and ecologically responsible ways, the internet offers the best range of choice. No, you cannot digitally try on the clothes, and yes, the pictures are often less than optimal. But it’s the best starting point for exploring the world of organic cotton clothing. Below is a small selection from the digital offering.

Marco Visscher | April 2004 issue

Bo Weevil
A Dutch initiative involving former wholesale dealers in organic food products who decided at the end of the 1980s to draw attention to the harmful effects of cotton crops on the environment. Bo Weevil has set up cotton projects in Turkey, Uganda and India and markets raw cotton, material and clothing for men, women and children on the basis of fair trade.

Cool not cruel
Aimed at fashion-conscious, trendy urbanites. Hip and pricey. Founded by the American Sarah Cross, who became the talk of the town as a writer and filmmaker but turned entrepreneur when she found she could only come by chic, responsibly made clothing with the greatest of difficulty. Her motto is only too clear: “Styling the world of change, changing the way of style.”

Relatively simple clothing for him and her. Also comfortable for those who are into yoga or tai chi. All the natural cotton is produced by small farmers in the United Sates.

Grass Roots Natural Goods
A wide choice of men’s and women’s clothing made from natural hemp and organic cotton. Pleasant, no-nonsense U.S.[United States] website.

A Happy Planet
Why shouldn’t people concerned enough about what they put into their bodies to switch to organic food be able to do something about what they put on and around their bodies? A Happy Planet, based in the U.S., provides solutions, including a wide range of natural cotton bed linen.

Hess Natur
German mail-order company, started 25 years ago when Mrs Hess was unable to find non-synthetic diapers for her first baby and now offering a 400-page catalogue. Excellent quality products.
(only in German)

The clothing is as fashionable as the website. Started in 1995 with four t-shirts advertised in a mountain bike magazine, this British company has followed Patagonia’s lead and donates an annual share of profits to environmentalist and ecology groups. Highly recommended.

Clothing line for activists, guaranteed free of sweatshop labor. Employees work in a unionized cooperative in California and founders include Ben Cohen of Ben & Jerry Ice Cream.

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