Today’s Solutions: January 28, 2023

Tijn Touber | May 2004 issue
Are you living now? Are you living here?
Think less, live more.
The world is as you see it. What does your world look like?
Are your thoughts based on abundance or scarcity?
Are you a master or a victim?
You are responsible for your own thoughts and feelings. No one else is responsible for your emotions.
Be still. Make time and space to hear yourself and God.
Be the thinker and the feeler, not the thoughts and the feelings.
Do something every day you’ve never done before.
Visualize your life aims as if they were already a reality.
Dream, visualize, fantasize and be open to miracles.
Set your aims as high as possible.
Practice, study, experiment.
Judge no one. See the light in everyone as you see it in yourself.
Think and/and instead of either/or.
Acknowledge color. Demonstrate courage. Live passionately.
You cannot own another. No one belongs to you and you belong to no one.
Surrender to the beauty of life, God, yourself and others. Stop fighting with yourself and with life.
Enjoy everything you do to excess.
Be thankful and live from a place of unconditional love.

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