Today’s Solutions: May 28, 2023

An aphorism by James Geary, author of The World in a Phrase and Geary’s Guide to the World’s Great Aphorists.

Gearly,James| April 2008 issue
A memory is an intricate, ever-shifting net of firing neurons and crackling synapses. Memory is not some vast cerebral warehouse filled with rows and rows of neatly ordered filing cabinets. It is more like a labyrinth, the twistings and turnings of which rearrange themselves completely each time we step into the past. Not facts but fabrications, memories are perpetually remade and replaced as new experiences shift the skein of synaptic connections in our brains. When we recall, the neural pattern corresponding to the memory flashes through our skulls as quickly and as clearly as a lightning bolt. And like lightning, it is as swiftly gone. Nothing is more fickle, inconstant, flickering. “Nothing is as true. The past is the only dead thing that smells sweet,” British poet Edward Thomas wrote. That’s because every time we recollect the past we re-ignite it, and bring it back to life.
James Geary is the author of The World in a Phrase and Geary’s Guide to the World’s Great Aphorists.

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