Bilquis and Abdul Sattar Edhi: Promoting social justice in Pakistan

Salman Ahmad, former lead singer of the Pakistani-American rock group Junoon, says Bilquis and Abdul Sattar Edhi should be recognized for their work helping suffering Pakistanis.

Salman Ahmad | Jan/Feb 2009 issue
Bilquis and Abdul Sattar Edhi are an extraordinary couple that has provided millions of suffering Pakistanis with a welfare organization that’s efficient, professional and deeply compassionate. With virtually nothing, the Edhis have built a $10 million organization, the Edhi Trust, which takes care of abandoned women, abused children, rape victims and survivors of natural disasters. Anyone can find a home at the Edhi center, from people with HIV/AIDS to countless voiceless and nameless souls who roam the streets seeking respect and dignity.
Throughout decades of selfless social work, the pair’s passion has been undeterred by rampant corruption and political upheaval. The Edhis’ vision has remained focused despite religious fanaticism and suicide bomb attacks. They’ve boldly gone with their workers into the darkest places to provide emergency relief and aid. Today, the Edhis, who live modestly, are seen as Pakistan’s guardian angels and a beacon of light for all who despair over humanity’s path towards self-destruction. The unassuming couple proves a timeless truth: The human will and spirit can overcome the steepest of challenges.

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