Beans are optional

Chili and the art of unrefined dining..

Elbrich Fennema | November 2008 issue
The fact that it’s possible to be obese and undernourished is solely due to the invention of refined, or processed, food. But in this case, “refined” is in no way related to refinement; it’s about impoverished food. Who’s to blame for this nutritional con? The food industry, because commercial processing is required to make refined food. Just try to rob flour of its nutritional ingredients or transform sugar beets into calorie granules at home.
Thankfully, beans have remained relatively unrefined. We can even add our own interpretation of refinement. This has always been the case with chili con carne, which is why endless variations of this classic dish exist. Even beans are optional.
Start with finely sliced chili peppers. Sauté until tender and add finely sliced onions and garlic, then cumin, salt and pepper. Add tomatoes—and ground beef if you insist on your carne. Bring to a boil, put a lid on the pan and let simmer for an hour before adding the cooked beans for 30 more minutes. Throw on some bright green guacamole, canary yellow tortilla chips or a dollop of Greek yogurt, and it’s even visually “refined.”

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