Today’s Solutions: November 29, 2022

Like the top story in today’s edition of the Optimist Daily already points out, coal is losing in the battle to remain a relevant energy source as renewables such as wind and solar have become cheaper. Still, while it’s good news for the planet that we’re lessening our dependence on coal energy, it’s terrible news for coal miners who relied on the industry for income.

In southeastern Kentucky where jobs are vanishing, a local nonprofit is helping coal miners who have lost their jobs by offering them the opportunity to take part in an internship program where they can immerse themselves in the in’s and out’s of clean energy in order to find a job in that sector. The brilliant aspect of the program is that while enrolled they earn full-time wages and health benefits for six months as they become familiarized with clean energy. Meet some of the graduates of this internship program here and read about their transition from an old, carbon-heavy economy to a new, green one.

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