This device ensures people don’t leave their kids or pets in the car

A new device developed by the Canada’s University of Waterloo could potentially save many lives by preventing children and animals from being forgotten in vehicles. The small disc-shaped device can be mounted on a car ceiling or rearview mirror and sends out radar signals to detect signs of breathing from occupants of the car. 

If the driver exits the car and the sensor detects life in the vehicle, it will sound an alarm and prevent the doors from locking. According to its creators, the device is 100 percent accurate at detecting living beings within a vehicle. 

The technology is ideal for preventing cases of injury or death which can occur when children or pets are accidentally left in vehicles, but the technology has endless possibilities for potential applications. The sensor could also be used for carpool lane enforcement or detecting whether someone is too tired or intoxicated to drive.

We all say we are too attentive to ever forget our child or pet in the car, but the reality is that it does happen. Technologies such as this one could be vital to preventing these tragedies. 

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