Today’s Solutions: October 04, 2022

Ethiopia has set out to plant 5 billion trees this year as part of its ambitious plan to plant 20 billion seedlings by 2025 in order to help combat environmental degradation, build resilience, and transition into a green society.

Called the Green Legacy, the broader reforestation plan made headlines last year, when the nation planted nearly 354 million trees in just 12 hours and a total of 4 billion in 2019.

The African country has lost nearly 97 percent of its native forests due to a growing population and an increased need for land for food production. Through the Green Legacy, Ethiopia has committed to restoring 15 million hectares of deforested land by 2025.

Ethiopia’s Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who spearheaded the initiative, has urged all Ethiopians to join this year’s planting challenge while also adhering to increased safety precautions, social distancing, and other preventive COVID-19 measures.

The 5 billion seedlings are being housed in 38,000 sites across the country. The seedlings will be planted during Ethiopia’s rainy season.

Last month we shared a story about how Pakistan is hiring those unemployed due to COVID-19 shutdowns to plant thousands of trees across the country. This is another great solution that promotes the numerous benefits of reforestation.

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