Today’s Solutions: September 22, 2023

As most cinemas around the world have temporarily closed their doors as a result of the pandemic, some of the venues have been finding creative ways to stay afloat. South Korea’s largest cinema chain, for example, came up with the idea of hiring out its auditoriums to small groups of gamers.

With cinemas in the country only allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity, and far fewer movies being released to tempt movie buffs, the initiative came to cinema chain CGV in an attempt to bring in a new revenue stream.

Every day before 6 pm, groups of up to four people can hire a screen for two hours for around $90. In the evening, the price rises to $135. While users have to bring their consoles, games, and controllers with them, the giant screen and high-quality sound system provide them with a truly cinematic gaming experience.

CGV may not be making anywhere as much money from the gamers, but the scheme is definitely a good way to bring in some additional income.

“When thinking about how to make use of empty cinema spaces, I noticed that games nowadays boast excellent graphics and well-structured stories just like movies,” says CGV Seung Woo Han. “Both have a storytelling aspect to them, so if someone can enjoy watching a film in the cinema, I thought they would also enjoy playing computer games in one.”

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