The UK plans to test a new fleet of zero-emission buses on its roads

Cities across the world are making efforts to cut air pollution and reduce the number of combustion engine vehicles on their streets. Low- and zero-emission vehicles are starting to play an increasingly bigger role in achieving these goals. With that said, the UK has announced that its public transportation fleet will soon be getting a green boost.

First Bus, one of the country’s largest public transport operators, is set to pilot new zero-emission buses from Arrival, a commercial electric vehicle manufacturer. The trial, which is set to begin in the fall and run on existing routes in the UK, will involve single-decker buses capable of fitting 36 passengers.

In addition to creating a zero-emissions product, Arrival’s manufacturing processes also have a reduced environmental impact. The company says it develops its software, materials, and components in-house, producing vehicles in small-footprint “micro-factories” that can be developed quickly on existing commercial sites and adapt to demand when needed.

First Bus’ trial of Arrival’s eco-friendly buses comes as part of a previous pledge by the operator to stop buying diesel buses by 2022 and to run a zero-emission fleet by 2035.

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