This sleek, pollutant-free electric vehicle purifies the air as it drives

From futuristic bus shelters to algae-filled curtains, designers around the world have found endlessly creative ways to improve air quality in cities. Now, a team from Heatherwick Studio has designed a sustainable solution that takes tackling air pollution to a whole new level: an autonomous car that purifies the air on the go.

Called Airo, the air-purifying vehicle was first unveiled at the Shanghai Motor Show in April. It is fully electric and features both autonomous and driver-controlled modes but, more excitingly, the vehicle is designed to vacuum up polluted air around it as it drives. The car does that using a HEPA filtering system that actively sucks up the pollutants from other cars, improving the air quality around it.

The futuristic car’s design also boasts a customizable interior with rotating seats that fully extend to become a double bed, as well as a screen that turns the interior into a gaming space or a four-wheeled cinema.

In addition to the car, the studio designed a sleek charging station that includes a retractable wire and an ergonomic handle for easy connection to electric vehicles. According to the company, the car is expected to go into production in 2023.

Image source: Dezeen

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