Today’s Solutions: March 01, 2024

Fashion Week

The world’s biggest fur auct

The world’s biggest fur auction house is closing its doors

Real animal fur is becoming increasingly out-of-style within the fashion industry. More and more people are straying away from the inhumane trade, and some cities, countries, and companies have placed bans on fur in recent years. In another blow to the fur industry, the world’s largest fur Read More...

These 5 startups are poised to

These 5 startups are poised to disrupt the fashion industry for the better

While some clothing companies have made great strides to clean up the polluting fashion industry, what we really need are innovators that can disrupt the industry and put us on a path towards truly sustainable fashion. With that in mind, here are five exciting startups that are set to make waves in Read More...

Nike’s Team USA Olympic unif

Nike’s Team USA Olympic uniforms are stylish and more sustainable than ever

The 2020 Olympics are coming up in Tokyo this summer and Nike has released its highly anticipated Team USA uniforms. This year, the uniforms are making not only a fashion statement but a sustainability statement as well. The athletic clothing features sustainable recycled materials such as Read More...

The patterns in this fashion l

The patterns in this fashion line improve mobility in people with Parkinson’s

Monika Dugar's Reset clothing collection features catchy striped designs, but they aren’t just for aesthetics. Rather, they are meant to increase mobility in individuals with Parkinson’s disease. The clothing works to “reset” the brain with a graphic print which improves mobility through Read More...

Four predictions that will mak

Four predictions that will make you more optimistic about the future of the fashion industry

We at the Optimist Daily are big advocates of fashion products that challenge or ameliorate the industry’s large and wasteful ecological footprint. While it’s true that the fashion industry is responsible for 8% of all global climate impacts, companies such as Patagonia are raising awareness Read More...

Sustainable fashion: this wate

Sustainable fashion: this water-proof parka is made from recycled PET bottles

When it comes to coats and jackets, choosing a light-yet-durable option is best, so you don’t find yourself in a mummy-tight arctic coat when all you really need is a lightweight, waterproof shell. That is where the Maium Lightweight Parka comes in to play. Both light and waterproof, this parka Read More...