Today’s Solutions: December 08, 2023

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the technology of the future. From supporting art restoration to overcoming the limitations of traditional agriculture and counting wild elephants, find out how AI is transforming the world for the better.

This web app makes it easier f

This web app makes it easier for people to learn sign language

Two to three of every 1,000 children are born deaf or hard of hearing in the US. Though 90 percent of these kids are born to hearing parents, 72 percent of families do not sign with their deaf children. After learning about those statistics, creative studio Hello Monday decided to create a Read More...

This platform redirects power

This platform redirects power to critical sites during an outage

When a winter storm hit Texas in February, it has brought some of the coldest weather the state has seen in decades. The deep freeze led to a massive electricity generation failure, leaving millions of people without power for several days. The ensuing power crisis revealed multiple problems with Read More...

New technique may soon enable

New technique may soon enable human-like sensation in prosthetics

Replicating the familiar sense of human touch is one of the most pressing challenges facing roboticists who are working on improving bionic limps. That problem may soon be solved, however, thanks to a team of researchers that has recently developed a new tactile sensing method that could augment Read More...

Meet BB: The beach cleaning ro

Meet BB: The beach cleaning robot

Cigarettes aren’t just bad for the smoker’s health. They also lower the air quality for everyone around them and they are the world’s most littered item, with a grand total of 4.5 trillion cigarette butts making their way into our environment every year. While the number is jarring Read More...

New IBM tool quantifies the am

New IBM tool quantifies the amount of carbon an individual tree sequesters

Although all trees sequester CO2 as they grow, not all of them do so equally. Depending on their type and their location, trees capture different amounts of carbon. In an effort to measure their exact climate benefits, IBM has developed an AI-based tool that precisely maps trees and shows how Read More...

Common Voices strives to repre

Common Voices strives to represent languages neglected by big tech

Technological advancements of recent years decades made information more accessible, have supported a lot of economic growth and global development, and have made it easier to make and maintain connections… for some. However, there are communities that are left behind by such rapid-fire Read More...