Today’s Solutions: July 21, 2024

Encouraging kids to eat their

Encouraging kids to eat their veggies with 3D-printed food

Despite vegetables' vital nutritional values, it’s a global phenomenon that they don’t go down with kids that smoothly. There are various physiological and physical tactics people use to help children overcome this negative association, such as hiding them in sauces or setting good examples Read More...

fresh produce with reusable grocery bag next to phone

How these 3 apps are tackling food waste in Canada

Anyone who works in the restaurant, catering, or supermarket industry will know that food waste is a gigantic problem. Too often, day-old baked goods and food items that have sat on the shelves beyond their expiry date are disposed of and end up in the trash. According to this 2019 report by the Read More...

How 3D printing food into cert

How 3D printing food into certain shapes tricks people into eating less

Armed with a 3D printer filled with some sort of nondescript food paste, a team of MIT engineers is revealing how the shape and arrangement of foods can trick our brains into feeling more or less satisfied after a meal. For instance, your brain may perceive two different arrangements of the same Read More...