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Today’s Solutions: July 18, 2024

Beekeeper investigating frame with queen cells on apiary in the afternoon rays of setting sun

Beekeepers and airports join forces to save pollinators

Back in 2012, Ben Shertzer, wildlife administrator at Pittsburgh International Airport, found himself dealing with a perplexing problem: swarming bees. The bees would land on the winglets of an aircraft, which interrupts refueling and baggage loading, or they would obscure lights on the taxiways, Read More...

Novel pesticide-detecting tech

Novel pesticide-detecting technique can help save bee colonies

Pesticides known as pyrethroids are among the main culprits behind colony collapse disorder — a phenomenon that occurs when most worker bees in a colony disappear, leaving behind just the queen and a few other bees. Detecting whether honeybees have been exposed to such types of pesticides is key Read More...