Today’s Solutions: July 23, 2024

The pandemic may have eliminat

The pandemic may have eliminated two common strains of the flu

While few things about the Covid-19 pandemic have been good, scientists have discovered a possible silver lining: public health measures such as physical distancing and mask-wearing may have eliminated two of the most common strains of the flu and made future flu shots easier to make. Developing Read More...

A small relief: Influenza case

A small relief: Influenza cases are at record lows this season

A silver lining in the grey cloud of the pandemic is that the dangerous potential intersection of Covid-19 surges and the flu season seems to have been largely avoided. Thanks to ramped up flu vaccine efforts and pandemic health precautions, the CDC has reported only 1,016 influenza cases this flu Read More...

Promising flu vaccine derived

Promising flu vaccine derived from tobacco plant passes clinical trials

Since the influenza virus mutates every year, the vaccine against it has to be reformulated accordingly every flu season, which is a massive undertaking. But a recent breakthrough — which sees the tobacco plant as the main protagonist — could make things easier for vaccine developers. In Read More...