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Today’s Solutions: July 19, 2024

Dog owner 3D-prints halo to he

Dog owner 3D-prints halo to help his blind dog avoid head trauma

When an 18-year-old dog named Sienna lost her eyesight, she started colliding into door frames and walls. Her owner, Chad Lalande, feared she might suffer from head trauma as a result, which is why he harnessed the power of his brand-new 3D printer to create prototypes of a device known as a Read More...

New skin cancer vaccine could

New skin cancer vaccine could prevent melanoma from coming back

If caught early, the highly-aggressive form of skin cancer known as melanoma is highly curable, with a 5-year survival rate of 92 percent. There is always a risk of it coming back, but that risk could be massively reduced thanks to a new skin cancer vaccine. The vaccine was developed by the New Read More...

A Japanese company is building

A Japanese company is building a dam using automated robots

Japan has a labor shortage, partially because the workforce is aging. Last year they passed new legislation to attract foreign workers — a controversial bill, given the nation's historically strict immigration policies. But the construction contractor Obayashi is taking the matter into their Read More...

Big data has drastically impro

Big data has drastically improved the way we fight child exploitation

It pains us to think of this, but every day thousands of sexually explicit images of children proliferate in the worst corners of the internet. Under US law, Internet service providers such as Google and Facebook are required to report all cases of child exploitation by providing “cyber tips” Read More...

Drones are accelerating the sp

Drones are accelerating the speed of coronavirus testing in Ghana

Testing for coronavirus has been a struggle in Ghana. Apparently, health officials in the cities of Accra and Kumasi would wait for hours or even days for delivery trucks to visit rural medical facilities, collect batches of test samples, and then deliver them for analysis. The delivery time is now Read More...