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Today’s Solutions: July 15, 2024

Tel-Aviv at sunset with purple sky

Tel-Aviv could soon follow Amsterdam in adopting Doughnut Economics

In April 2020, we wrote about Amsterdam’s decision to implement a new economic model that seeks to meet the core needs of all humanity within the means of the planet. Now, a forum dedicated to advancing the adoption of this concept across the world was launched in Israel last week. The concept Read More...

The Optimist View: The Doughnu

The Optimist View: The Doughnut Economy

“Don’t wait for economic growth to reduce inequality—because it won’t. Instead, create an economy that is distributive by design.” - Kate Raworth BY Amelia Buckley Years ago, before I decided that my writing skills were far stronger than my calculus abilities, I sat in an Read More...

View on the canal Oudezijds Kolk in the center of Amsterdam.

Amsterdam is ditching our broken economic system for the doughnut model

This is one of those stories that you might look back to in a few years and remember as the starting point of a huge change in our world’s history. When we first covered this story years ago, it was already showing tons of promise. So, what are we talking about here? In 2018, we shared a story Read More...