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Today’s Solutions: July 14, 2024

Why we’re both excited, and

Why we’re both excited, and maybe anxious, about reopening

Publicly, most of us express frustration and boredom with quarantine. Although necessary to protect everyone’s safety, we still chat excitedly with friends about the first restaurant we will visit when things reopen. Despite the longing for companionship, it’s also normal to feel anxious about Read More...

OPTIMIST VIEW: Snapshots of Li

OPTIMIST VIEW: Snapshots of Life in a Time of Coronavirus

BY KRISTY JANSEN AND AMELIA BUCKLEY KRISTY: Last Saturday I ventured out to the local Costco.  My household was down to our last few rolls of toilet paper, and my 75 year old mother’s household - where she’s been in self-protective isolation with her two 70+ housemates for the past month - Read More...