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Today’s Solutions: July 13, 2024

Sex education for incarcerated

Sex education for incarcerated men in California

Cristobal De La Cruz enters a classroom at the Orange County Juvenile Hall in Southern California, carrying a condom in his back pocket. A group of young guys, ranging in age from 12 to 18, are waiting. De La Cruz, who is only 28, is young enough to connect with the youth over video games and Read More...

Lyft and Uber announce protect

Lyft and Uber announce protections for drivers under TX abortion law

Following the implementation of abortion restrictions in Texas which make Uber and Lyft drivers legally vulnerable for driving patients to abortion clinics, the transportation companies have announced that they will pay all legal fees for drivers implicated under the new law. Lyft announced the Read More...

Planned Parenthood’s new too

Planned Parenthood’s new tool helps women navigate complex abortion laws

State courts have overturned complete abortion bans in states like Alabama and Mississippi, but unfortunately, abortion service access points in many states are few and far between. This week, Planned Parenthood launched a new tool to help women navigate the complexities of abortion access and Read More...