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Today’s Solutions: July 17, 2024

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6 In-season superfoods to add to your grocery list this fall

As we head into the fall season, many of us are looking forward to changing leaves and cooler weather, but one of the most exciting parts of autumn is a whole new range of superfoods coming back into season. Just as we anxiously awaited the arrival of strawberries and summer squash back in May, Read More...

It’s autumn. Time to enjoy t

It’s autumn. Time to enjoy the health benefits of pomegranates

We love eating seasonally at the Optimist Daily. Now that it’s autumn, there’s a special red fruit that is in-season and chock full of antioxidants: pomegranates! Let’s take a dive into the nutritional benefits of pomegranates, shall we? Health benefits of pomegranates Registered Read More...